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Zindagi Gular Hai

Review 19th

Zindagi jis ky muqaddar mein hon khushyan teri,

Usko ata hy nibhana so nibhaty guzri..

Achy waqton ki tamanna mein rahi umr e rawaan,

Waqt esa tha ky bs naaz uthaty guzri..!!

Let me hold my breath first! This chapter was all about celebration of the beautiful bond created by God. While love is a beautiful expression of life, romance is the beautiful expression of love! And I believe we need a witness to our lives. There are a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does anyone life really means? But in a marriage, we’re promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the ordinary things… all of it, all of the time and every day! We’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness.’

I think I’m getting used to of saying this episode was my favorite one after every other episode Lol.. But I really can’t help it because while watching this installment I had no idea Umera jee would put that much romance in single episode! Whole day passed in guessing what is going to be next tonight??? And watched promos five to six times and then just got a little idea “it is going to be their romance!” I must say Umera Ahmed’s art of characterization is beyond words and the reason it makes excellent is its ordinariness! We can relate it to us so many times and She picks characters from my own “gali mohalla” J Yes they are that much real and relatable! The journey from “Churhail Murtaza” to “My Wife” and saving Zaroon’s number as “husband” on the other side was truly memorable one. It was so beautiful to see the understanding that was being developed slowly.. The gestures, the glances, the looks, the smiles, the laughs and above all the silence made my Friday just beautiful (assume the superlatives please ;) ) And especially the text messages contributed to make the package first-rate one!


Zaroon is as I said more demanding in his relationship with Kashaf and I believe he should be. I was at Zaroon’s side today in saying “mard hamesha ghar ka sarbrah hota hy aur hona bhi chaheay”. And I have no doubts over his potential to bring Kashaf to life! Fawad Khan is none other than a wonderful combination of looks and talent! Kashaf’s insecurities regarding taking Zaroon’s care and what she thinks of men is justified in terms with her past. It is difficult for her to completely forget her past and she could not help in recalling university life when Zaroon gives her a red rose. But I’m desperately waiting for the day when she’ll reply to Zaroon like“You have made a place in my heart where I thought there was no room for anything else. You have made flowers grow where I cultivated dust and stones.” -Robert Jordan. Let me give credit of this cheesy episode to Sultana Siddiqui for her out class direction, Umera Ahmed for her unforgettable dialogues, Shahzad Kashmiri for perfect cinematography and of course chemistry between Sanam saeed and Fawad Khan is Boht Boht Boht a’ala!!!

I could not help comparing Rafia with Ghazala whenever I see Rafia giving advices to Kashaf and today’s food for thought was “khidmat aur khayal ka totka tou hamesha kaam ata hy.. Uska Hr kaam apny hathon sy kea kro!” We saw Ghazala already getting jealous of Rafia’s place in her son’s heart and I enjoyed her expressions when Zaroon replied “wo bhi working women hein ammi”. Am I the only one to notice Zaroon making his family’s good impression to Rafia in giving his Parent’s and Sara’s salam?? Sara aur Junaid Sahab tou salam keh skty hein mgr Ghazala Salam kahy hard to digest for me at least now!! Sidra was as always an ideal sister for Kashaf and a source of inspiration to me. She never misses a chance to guide Kashaf like an elder sister and was spot on in saying “Log rashk kr rhy hein aur tum…” and “Zindag main sirf bura waqt nhe hota..” Ms Optimistic you are my source of peace and positive energy and I thank you for this! Shehneela admiring Kashaf’s dresses and Kashaf’s reply “Mery he ly lena” just reminded me of my elder sister who is totally opposite to Kashaf and never gives me her dresses.. Lol! It is too tough to decide a single favorite scene since the whole episode was EPIC one! I had not seen such yuuummyy romance on screen yet and to be very honest I’m at loss of words today so let’s have some of my much loved dialogues from today’s episode..

Rasta hy ky khatam he nhe horha..

Kind of ignore.. Lol at his expressions!

Fikr krni chaheay usy meri.. Koi pata thorhi hota hy.. accident hoskta hy mera!!

Kashaf tum barhi zalim ho..

Shohar ban ky mard zeada naqabil e aitebar hoty hein! (Zaroon ky leay aur zeada mushkil task)

Unhuu!! Farq parhta hy!!

Wesy koi asaar tou nazar nhe arhy!!

Mujhy nhe pata tha ky tum is qadr sust admi hogy..

Usko main casually lena chahn bhi tou nhe ly skta, like my centre of gravity!

Preview of next episode is somewhat about Zaroon’s time to face some realities and I hope their understanding grow more and more!Needless to mention kitni betaabi sy intezar hai next friday ka!

Stay Blessed!

Reviewed By: Asma Malik


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