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The last two episodes kept me glued to the screen. Each scene was equally captivating. Tare Ankaboot is one of the very few serials where no character bores you, you enjoy each and every minute of the show. Though Saboor’s character is at times hard to stomach because of her ugly past and lust for blood but that doesn’t make her scenes any less interesting.

hb aksHazrat Bibi’s Makri ka jaala is now spreading and it is weaving everyone in. I can’t decide whether I should sympathise with the characters or be nauseated. Those living in ugly circumstances eventually evolve to suit their habitat and eventually become as dirty as the environment they live in. Be it Nain Tara or Amoo, everyone is struggling for survival. The point is, if destruction and negativity is adopted as a survival strategy, it doesn’t last long and eventually backfires.

awjIn the 10th episode, Nain Tara made her move by acting on Hazrat Bibi’s orders. But before her plan could work, Amoo made her move by approaching Hazrat Bibi for help, unaware that the same woman is aiding her enemy too. Baqir is on the road to recovery now and Amoo can’t be more thankful. Hazrat Bibi’s counter magic to break the spell Nain Tara performed on Baqir has brought him back to his senses. On the other hand, Nain Tara lost the ashes that were her weapon to get Baqir. I fell in love with Kiran Tabir’s acting in that scene. She is doing justice to her role.

uuajsBaqir has once again started questioning his mother and keeps fearing the outcome of his mother’s actions. Surprisingly, Tabinda had nothing to say this time. She looked scared when Hazrat Bibi came but her concern for Baqir won over her fear and doubts.


srserSaboor’s mental condition is deteriorating. Coming to Lahore has brought back all the bitter memories of her dark past and she can’t shake them off. Therefore, Hazrat Bibi has decided to go back to the small town, where she was her blood thirsty, ‘sane’ self again. I have a feeling that another reason of this sudden decision is to get close to her neighbour who openly condemns her for doing magic. It is important for Hazrat Bibi to punish her.

A few short scenes of ZQ and Hina Dilpazir were shown in the two episodes and they weren’t much help because we still don’t know their past. I hope that they concentrate more on their characters now, since we are acquainted with other characters now.

asrsdOn the other hand, Tayyaba, in an attempt to keep her mother away from her beloved Mutahir has promised that she will lead him to his earlier crush, Tabinda. Helpless in front of her ‘love’ for Mutahir, she can’t stop running after him no matter how much he insults her. This time, however, she has his attention. Let’s see if Tabinda pays this offer the same attention. I hope not.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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