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The story has taken a sharp and interesting turn. Subhan have shown how far he can go to achieve his goals. He doesn’t care how many people he hurts and that he might lose his family is not a big deal for him. Sania is the only person who matters to him. Her blunt proposal brought forward all those opportunities that he would miss if he turned it down. Her visit to his house and admiration of his family, made him appreciate her as a person as well. The acting of the girl who played Sania, however, is a huge turn off, with all the useless hand gestures and fake accent.

siueyriwesAreesha, blindly in love with him, didn’t see it coming. Subhan bringing Sania home clearly indicated the change in Subhan’s intentions but Areesha, being the simpleton that she is, or should I say an idiot, didn’t even confront him about this. Instead she heard him insult her and later went to apologise for her rudeness. At times, I feel she deserves what she is about to get. She has hurt so many people for this ungrateful man, who doesn’t even care about her. She lied to her mother and broke her trust for a man who didn’t even look back once he found his way out.



Though Subhan had qualms about his decision and he did refuse Sania’s proposal. But the lure of money and lavish lifestyle silenced his conscience. He accepted her help and quietly made all the arrangements. Once abroad, Subhan was free to do whatever he wanted, without anyone’s pressure and the first thing he did was marry Sania. He is now out of Noman’s way as well, who is vigorously pursuing Areesha now. That is extremely irritating for her, who refuses to hear anything against Subhan.

She has started to suspect Maryam, though, who is secretly meeting her boyfriend despite being engaged to someone else. Things are about to get ugly for both Areesha and Maryam, let’s see how each one of them take it.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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