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This was an interesting episode with little hints of romance as Haniya and Ahmed continue their awkward married life. While Haniya is still reserved, Ahmed is trying his best to make her open up by pointing out that she doesn’t talk to him. What I love most is the trust he places in her, despite the special circumstances. This angle of their relationship was shown in a very subtle manner throughout the episode, like when Ahmed is sitting alone in his bedroom, he doesn’t feel the need to check Haniya’s phone, which was lying in front of him. Usually, men disregard privacy and don’t hesitate in going through their wives’ phone, checking their call history and reading their private messages. Later, he laughed her scared explanation off. At the end, he himself felt the need to tell Haniya that Ahad was fine, without a hint of jealousy in his voice. I hope he stays that way.

He also wants to restore his relationship with Ahad so everything would go back to normal. The problem is Haniya doesn’t feel like acting normal around him and Ahad isn’t interested in restoring his relationship with his older brother, whom he sees as the one who stole his love from him.

The episode started with Ahmed’s mother realising that it was high time Haniya started taking part in house chores and therefore, sets a date for her Kheer Pakayi rasam. Problem is, the only dishes Haniya can cook are all Ahad’s favourites. She was surprised to see Ahmed smile after she confessed that in front of him. His explanation was cute but it also reflected that he felt Haniya’s silence and wants her to talk more often. The girl, however, is either extremely dumb or stubborn as she didn’t take the hint and went back to her ‘Ji’ track.


aadhaadAhad had had enough of his brother and fiancée-turned-bhabi. Every minute they spent together was torture for him and he couldn’t stand that everyone in the family totally adored the couple. By the end, he couldn’t take any more and ran out like he did earlier to escape the situation. This time, however, his tantrum didn’t get him out of the situation. Instead, he had an accident and ended up in a hospital.

The news wreaked havoc on his family. In the midst of the tension, Haniya couldn’t decide how she should react. She felt terribly upset, she couldn’t help but cry but she couldn’t show that to others.

kuasOn the other hand, Samina is still being her natural self. Now that her mother, under pressure of her son, has told her to make peace with Ahsan as well, she has no where to stomp her feet than home. I still think her in-laws and Ahsan are being unfair to her by keeping her out of everything. She wasn’t told why Haniya got married to Ahmed instead of Ahad. And Ahsan doesn’t bother to take her opinion on trivial matters, like this time, she didn’t even know he’d bought a gift for Haniya. Though this is a small thing, anyone would feel left out. And next, her mother-in-law ‘requests’ that she better keep her mouth shut. No matter how she behaves with Ahsan, her behavior towards Haniya and her parents-in-law is fairly good.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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