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There is only too much a man can take. Ahmed had been too patient with Haniya despite her cold behavior and while I admired his patience, I wondered when he’d crack. Last week’s episode ended on a positive note and I honestly thought Haniya would try to settle down with Ahmed…happily. But once again, her signature hysterics took over her merely because her husband paid her a compliment. His reaction was natural and justified. The way she talked to him and declared their relationship was based on nothing but lies and pretense, anyone would feel hurt and angry. Ahmed, being a level headed man, did not lash out at her like typical men though. He only told her what she needed to hear and what everyone had been trying to tell her for months. She does need to move on with her life, no one can live in the past.

UkfjWhat took me by surprise was the confession of his love for her. Call me stupid, but I honestly did not see it coming and apparently neither did Haniya. Anyway he succeeded in knocking some sense in her. Though she is stubborn, selfish and immature, Haniya is loyal to her husband and did her best to make up for her behavior once she realized she’d been ignoring his feelings. Things are finally getting better between the two.


sdfsdfAs for Ahad, he was his usual cry baby self, who kept on denying his fault and blamed others for making his life hell. As a result, he has drifted away from his family as well as his friends. The fact that despite his whining no one considers him a victim made him angrier. More than anyone, he is angry at his brother who stole his love from him. I did feel for him, when he broke down and cried in his mother’s arms. Now that he has started to accept the situation, he is trying to act responsible. It was hard to adjust to a mature, calm and responsible Ahad, working hard instead of frowning at everyone. Shahzad Sheikh was relatively better in this episode in terms of acting.

Samina and Ahsan are trying to fix their problems on the other hand. Selfish and jealous as she is, Samina cannot tolerate that her sister-in-law gets more attention at her house while everyone, including her husband, avoids talking to her. Therefore now she has come up with a new demand: she wants to start a family. This might actually bring out the best in her as she is trying to prove that she can be an even-tempered and responsible mother.

What really bugged me about this situation is the fact that Ahsan shared it all with his mother. Whatever is between him and Samina should remain between them. Planning a family is private business of a couple and to share it casually and adding that it is a stupid demand…it is very demeaning. He should at least try to uphold his wife’s reputation in his family.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi


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