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A well written drama is always more than its central cast. It goes beyond its emphasis on protagonist and antagonist; it works on all of its characters with equal importance. Umera Ahmed is not new to well written scripts, she has produced work on variety of channels and each of her works has received its due appreciation. Currently she is mesmerizing the audience with the ‘Mohobbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai’, and from the early episodes of the play it is clear that the series is here to stay and wow us like its predecessor with Sanam Baloch. However the show also marks an arrival of a relatively new actor who is performing perfectly in her career defining role. Mansha Pasha without a doubt owns the screen when she is in the scene; her candid comments along with her facial expressions make her a treat to watch.


Before this show we saw her in a long play Ghoongat alongside Bushra Ansari and Sanam Saeed’s sister in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. Even though she did justice to her roles in the aforementioned plays; this time around she shines. The other cast members are pretty good as well as Sanam Jung and Mekaal take the center stage, but Mansha Pasha without a doubt steals the show. Her depiction of cunning yet playful cousin to Sanam Jung is the least expected role from Mansha Pasha.


Pasha’s previous roles defined her as the ‘miss goody two shoes’ that either way was never wrong. This time around we have seen her completely transform herself into a negative role with high volume colors to her character. Usually when actors who play protagonists turn to negative roles fall flat on their faces, such was the case when Ayesha Khan turned loud and evil in “Mujhay Khuda Pay Yakeen Hai”. People not only started hating the character Narmeen, they were also pushed to limits where presence of Narmeen became unbearable; and you know either way that is not a good thing.


Masha Pasha successfully evades the aforementioned problem. She is loud and she complains but at the same time her facial expression and her capability to beautifully complement the character of Sanam Jung is a job well done. I think this character will establish Pasha as a force to reckon with and probably lead roles are right around the corner for her.
If she gets to read this … Mansha never stop experimenting..!!

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