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Episode 6:

So Mehrunissa has reached her mother’s house as Hassan Munir had dropped her there. Bhabi and mother were stunned to see her because they thought that she might have been sent home permanently by Bari Begum. But Mehrunissa handled the situation and told them that she was just missing them and that’s why came to visit.

Although Hassan Munir himself was not happy to send Mehrunissa to her mother’s house and he knew that Ismat Ara’s attitude was so hurtful. Knowing all this, he was also a little cross with Ismat Ara because of her behavior. When she asked him about dropping Mehrunissa, Hassan Munir replied, “in baato ki koi ehmiat hai apki nazar mei?” He was not happy with what she was doing. So he told her to relax and not to get worried about petty issues.

On the other hand Mehru’s bhabi sincerely asked her as a sister what was the real reason behind her coming home, because she was suspicious about something getting wrong.

Ismat Ara’s monologue was quiet interesting to watch this time as she confronted her inner conscience while thinking about getting rid of Mehrunissa. The voice from her conscience told her, “Bus, ye tha hosla shohar ki dusri shadi ka? Kitne jattan karke Hassan Munir ko naraz kerke Mehrunissa ko layi thi, is bharosey per k riwayati sotan nahi banogi?” Ismat Ara was depressed and suffocating.

Hassan Munir on the other side was thinking about Mehrunissa that she was getting hurt and this really unkind to her. Mehrunissa was being scolded by her mother for not taking control of her husband. Mehru’s brother told the mother, “ap ne hi ye rishta karwaya tha sab ke mana karne ke bawajood bhi, ab bhugatye.” Mehru’s mother was so angry at Ismat Ara’s behavior towards Mehru. She said, “meri beti ko bahu bana ker leker gyi thi Ismat Ara, ab khiloney ki terha khel rahi hain k jab chaha utha lia or jab chaha deewar se laga dia”.  Mehru’s brother was so worried about her and he thought that this should come to an end. He wanted to talk to Hassan Munir and decide.


In the next scene a very harsh conversation went on between Hassan Munir and Ismat Ara. They both almost fought over Mehrunissa where Hassan Munir told Ismat Ara that he was not happy with whatever she had done with Mehrunissa.

It was true that Hassan Munir was really upset about Mehrunissa and was missing her. So he called her and told her that he would not leave and would come to see her the next day. This made Mehrunissa happy for a while. The next day when Hassan Munir came to visit Mehrunissa, her brother talked to him and told him that, “Mehrunissa ab is terha wapis nahi jayegi, apko pehle uski hesiat wahan waazeh kerni hogi”. However when Hassan Munir returned home, Ismat Ara told him not to bring Mehrunissa back because “is gher koab uski zaroorat nahi hai”. Hassan Munir was so annoyed by her attitude and was taking Mehrunissa’s side instead at which Ismat Ara asked him, “ye achanak apki Mehrunissa se bezaari aik dum dilchaspi mei kese badal gayi?”

Meanwhile Mehru’s brother tried to contact Shehzad in London and asked about his opinion regarding getting married to Mehrunissa. Shehzad truly loved Mehrunissa and nodded yes that he would accept her in any case. Mehru’s brother was now contended that if Mehru gets divorced there is still a way out for her, and he was completely relying on Shehzad.

However, Ismat Ara was taking measures to permanently eliminate Mehrunissa from the scene. She called the lawyer to get the papers ready for divorce based on a mismatched marriage. She wanted it to be done as soon as possible.

My first impression of the drama was that it would be a regular story of a constant tussle between two wives. But I was so amazed at the sudden twist in the story which has now developed my continuous interest in the play. Let’s see now what will happen to Mehrunissa whether she gets divorced or not. I really can’t wait to watch the next episode of Humnasheen :D

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Review By: Zarish Gill


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