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It was actually great to know that Adeel loved Silla all along but he was too scared/ apprehensive to admit it, maybe because he felt that Silla did not really need him in her life and was a strong girl who could easily go on without his love. After what happened to Silla, Adeel realized that Silla needed to be loved and looked after just as much as any other person. I got the feeling that Adeel figured out that it must have been Safina who was responsible for Zaman disowning Silla completely.

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Silla was obviously hoping that her father will forgive her eventually and that was the reason why she was being so strong all this time. Adeel’s declaration of his love for her couldn’t have come on a more apt moment. Today’s episode belonged to Sanam Jung right from the get go, her expressions when she finds out that her father has left for Canada without telling her were priceless. The way she alters her expressions effortlessly according to different situations really is outstanding, especially given the fact that this is her first play. The dialogue “jub unhu ne mujhe apni mohabat se hi aak kur diya tu in bejaan cheezon ki kiya ahemiat” was spot on and went to show how Silla had been feeling all this time. Heartbroken and devastated Silla thinks about everything that happened in the past and ends up in the hospital. The apology and the heart break was shown wonderfully and my heart went out for Sila….This girl deserves to be happy.


The moments that followed went to show that Adeel and Silla really were meant to be together. Like Silla said she had already proven what a good wife she was so now it was Adeel’s turn to do his part. Everything that Adeel did to show his love for Silla was shown very nicely from making breakfast to saving every penny for the baby who is on the way.


You know what they say, happiness is short lived. Zoya moves next to Adeel and Silla’s house soon afterwards and we all know she is trouble. The way she looks at Adeel and Silla when they are together showed just how envious she felt and later on we saw her trying to plant the seeds of suspicion in Silla’s mind already. Sami and his wife have left too so there is absolutely no one now who can look out for Adeel and Silla. They are young and naïve and very vulnerable. Silla trusts people too easily.

Sarwat Gillani is one of my favorite actors, what I like about her the most is that we always get to see her performing different kinds of role. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of her, even if she is playing the villain! Oh how I wish that I did not know the entire plot already! If I didn’t, I probably would not have doubted Zoya’s intentions just now.

Overall, this was a very interesting episode. Just one request, I would really like it if Imran Abbass would cut down on the pink lipstick and the eye shade, we all know he is a pretty boy even without all the make up. I would find it much easier to concentrate on his performance if he wore less make up, the rose pink lipstick is very distracting!

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