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I was surprised to see that this wasn’t the last episode, since I don’t know what else the story has to offer, this was by every means, an enjoyable episode. The developments were small but interesting and they have perfectly prepared the ground for a huge showdown.

kikskieorZayan’s home affairs are completely manipulated by Faiza and he can’t do anything to stop her. At some occasions, it seems like he doesn’t want to come in her way. The man who would yell at Maryam for not obeying his mother’s orders even when she did, is now so ignorant of her that he doesn’t even come to see her for days, let alone take care of her. Faiza has no issues with his indifferent attitude.

shfHowever, the fact that she can’t even move a muscle on her own hasn’t stopped Zayan’s mother from preparing schemes to topple down Faiza’s regime. She constantly tries to reel Afshan in as well, who is rarely allowed to visit. Talk about wishful thinking.

Afshan’s fate has taken a real unfortunate turn. She has lost all her property to her dearest husband because Faiza manipulated her to do so and can’t even complain about it to her mother since she isn’t allowed to come home to see her. I didn’t feel sorry for her though. She had behaved nicely to Maryam at times but she was equally responsible in getting her kicked out of the house since she was in constant collaboration with her mother.


mahwiAs for Maryam, she is facing some serious trouble with her daughter. Naturally Arshiyah is curious about her father and wants to know why she is deprived of his affection. The questions she asks are justified and Maryam should have worked out their answers long time ago. How can she expect her daughter to accept that her father isn’t part of her life? That she has to live without him without any question. It is pretty unfair of her to completely deprive her daughter of the knowledge that she deserves to have.

yoAnyway, despite her mother’s constant denial to answer her questions, or maybe because of it, Arshiyah has taken matters into her own hands. She has finally managed to contact an unbelieving Zayan who was over whelmed to finally talk to her daughter for the first time in his life even though he promised he’d never interfere in her life. Faysal Qureshi’s expressions were truly amazing. Must say that it was the best scene of the episode. Next episode will be the first meeting of the long lost father and daughter. Let’s see how Maryam takes it.

By Farwa Batool Naqvi

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